By: Eric Van Essen On: June 29, 2017 In: Awesome Cars Comments: 0

With excitement about the new Dodge Demon building, customers are starting to ask about any special purchasing requirements for a car that comes equipped with an 840 HP engine.  As well as the crazy amount of power, it also is the first factory production car with a number of race specific features listed below.

  • Drag Mode – Retuned suspension for weight transfer
  • TransBrake – Increased torque in the rear tires during launch
  • Torque Reserve – State-of-the-art launch acceleration
  • Launch Assist – Mitigates tire stick/slip at launch
  • SRT Power chiller™ and After-run cooling
  • Nitto street-legal ‘Demon’ branded drag tires – 315/40R18

Since this car is clearly designed with the racetrack in mind, there are some interesting options that are available when specifying the vehicle.  My personal favourites are the options available for $1:

  • Front Passenger Seat – $1
  • Rear Seat – $1
  • Carpeting for trunk – $1

The most notable special purchasing requirement for this vehicle is the “CUSTOMER ACKNOWLEDGEMENT”.  With the option to save yourself $2 and not get the passenger seats, it is important for Dodge to waive responsibility and make sure you acknowledge that taking a passenger in an 840HP car without giving them a seat is dangerous.   To purchase this vehicle you must initial next to the statement “If factory installed passenger and/or rear seats of the Vehicle are removed, Customer acknowledges that in the case of a collision or other accident, people riding in those areas are more likely to be seriously injured or killed.”

It is unclear on how Dodge plans to enforce this waiver however if you plan on selling this vehicle to a retail client, it’s a good idea to download this form and have them sign it.  If nothing else, it will make them feel cool for owning the most powerful factory vehicle available.

Download Complete Acknowledgement Form Here