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The Techlantic Team has been involved in the international automobile export industry since 1983. Our experience supplying many thousands of vehicles to all corners of the globe provides assurance that your transaction will be seamless.

Techlantic’s strengths lie in its international network of automobile suppliers and dealers, giving you the tools to access unique opportunities for vehicle sales and purchases.

Operating strictly as a wholesale business, the exceptional sourcing capabilities of Techlantic allow it to offer its customers competitive pricing along with the capacity to provide large volume supply.

The long established financial stability of Techlantic, combined with its extensive international client base, allows for the prompt acquisition of surplus inventory from dealers.

Protection of your funds is a key issue for Techlantic. As such, we can assist you with various payment and financing options. Techlantic can accept payment by wire transfer or letter of credit and in a number of major currencies.

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Wouter Founded Techlantic

April 11, 1983

1983 was a the start of something great.  Over 30 years ago, Wouter van Essen saw an opportunity in the automotive parallel market and founded an organization that would last decades.

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Tom Joins the Twin Brother Team

April 11, 1986

In 1986 as the founding members of the Techlantic team began exporting to Europe, Tom (Wouter’s twin brother) immigrated to Canada from The Netherlands to join the team.

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First Car Exported to Europe

September 8, 1986

One of the main goals of having Tom join the team was to expand sales in to Europe.  This goal was successfully achieved soon after he joined the team and started what will be the main focus of Techlantic over the next 25 years.

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Robin Jones joins the team

February 4, 1994

With sales continuing to grow, Robin Jones was a well overdue addition to help with customer relationships and vehicle sourcing.

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10,000 Vehicles Shipped

April 10, 1995

Passing a big milestone and hitting 5 digits of vehicle export globally

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NAATA is Founded

September 12, 1996

NAATA (North American Automobile Trade Association) was founded and the Techlantic team members were some of the founders.  It was founded with the purpose of creating a collective group of companies to help build operating standards and assist with communication to the government.  

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Expands Automotive Export to China

April 10, 2001

As Techlantic continued to look for more global automotive export opportunities, China was starting to enter the global market.  At this time, Chinese automotive import was in its infancy but Techlantic had a vision of what was to come.

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Robin Jones Becomes Partner

May 9, 2001

As Robin Jones continues to be a driving force to the success at Techlantic,  Wouter and Tom decided to bring him on as a partner.  This was a great move for the history of Techlantic.  Sales continued to grow and customers were delighted with the stability and commitment from the…

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First Letter of Credit Processed

April 10, 2002

With an increasing volume to China, it became critical for Techlantic to increase its flexibility to receive payments by Documentary Letter of Credit.  At that time, it was a painstaking process as the team was new to the detailed requirements.  It was over 10 years later that the founders of Techlantic…

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First North American Member of E.A.I.V.T

May 8, 2003

Techantic becomes the first member outside of Europe of E.A.I.V.T (European Association of Independent Vehicle Traders).  Techlantic was one of the largest automobile suppliers for the European market and maintained an extensive vehicle stock list available for instant purchase out of Bremerhaven, Germany.  Although Techlantic is based out of Canada….

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China Sales Surpass European Sales

March 8, 2015

With the global market changing, there was an increased market opportunity in China with a growing population of individuals that could afford luxury vehicles imported from Canada.  This led to China surpassing Europe in Canadian vehicles imported.  With Techlantic’s core competency in letter of credit processing and financing established, Techlantic…

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Expand to Asia and Middle East

November 9, 2017

In 2017, there were a number of other countries that expressed an interest in vehicles from Canada and Mexico.  These countries were around other parts of Asia and Middle East.  Techlantic was able to establish good relationships in these areas for shipping and since then these regions have grown to…

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Eric becomes Partner

August 1, 2019

After joining the family business a couple years earlier and helping Techlantic reach new goals of growth, customer service and organization, Eric has officially become a major shareholder in Techlantic.  Tom and Wouter are still actively involved and likely will be for many years.  Robin and Eric are now the…

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