When you have purchased a vehicle from another country, it can be challenging to stay informed from the manufacturer automatically.  To protect the family of the end driver of the vehicle, it is best to inform them about the key resource that they should monitor periodically to ensure that their vehicle remains safe.

If the vehicle origin country is Canada or sold in Canada, it would be best to monitor the Canadian recall database.  If you’re not sure if the vehicle was manufactured in Canada, you can verify that be checking if your VIN starts with the number 2.

Canada Recall Database

In the United States, the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) website is the best resource to use.   It includes vehicles manufactured in or sold in the United States.  Simply enter the VIN of the vehicle you would like to check for safety recalls.

NHTSA Recall Database

If you are the owner of a North American vehicle, it is recommended to proactively check for recalls twice a year.  If you are a dealer of North American vehicles, please pass on these resources to our clients.

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