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Automotive export has always been the core focus of Techlantic.   Since 1983 Techlantic has been involved with many car export projects, market opportunities and manufacturer partnerships.

With such a dynamic global market, there are always opportunities that Techlantic continues to identify and develop.  Currently the market for Chinese importing vehicles from Canada is one of the larger opportunities that Techlantic has been able to capitalize on.  As China is a relatively new market for Techlantic, we are working in partnership with a network of independent Canadian car export individuals and companies.  Working with these car export companies has been critical to our success and has allowed us to expand our offering from an international car export supplier to offering our experience and knowledge to assist these car export companies to navigate the complex requirements of the market.

Currently Techlantic offers a variety of methods of sourcing and purchasing the cars that are desirable for import in to your country.  Most importantly, it is highly recommended to connect with Techlantic on a regular basis to ensure that we are working in partnership with you to help your car export or car import business flourish.

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