Techlantic has grown from being an independent exporter to assisting a network of Canadian exporters.  The primary business services provided are logistics, accounting and handling of sales tax refunds so that you, as a Canadian exporter, can focus on sourcing and supply of vehicles.

Organization has always been a strength of Techlantic.  With two certified accountants on staff, Techlantic assures your business runs smoothly.

Automotive export is the core capability of Techlantic.  Our staff monitors compliance with changing export regulations and ensures that sales tax refunds are processed on time so your business operates without interruption.

There are many challenges with sourcing vehicles from dealerships who have been doing their best to prevent the exportation of their vehicles.  There are no laws preventing exporting however it is important to structure a transaction properly to ensure that sales taxes can be recovered and all parties involved follow all applicable laws and tax requirements.

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