By: Eric Van Essen On: January 30, 2018 In: China, Taxes Comments: 0

Quebec is one of the largest sources of Canadian exported vehicles in the parallel market.  Ensuring that the QST rebate is granted is an essential part of making a transaction profitable.  Unfortunately, QST Claims for vehicles are very different than other provinces and it is essential that a number of conditions are met.

Naturally, the first condition was that the vehicle was purchased in Québec and the QST was paid but it was purchased for the exclusive use outside of Québec.  The vehicle must then be shipped to a company or individual outside of Quebec within 30 days of when the vehicle was received.  This can be very challenging in some cases as finding buyers for vehicles and pairing vehicles together in 40 foot containers for shipping can in many cases take longer than this.  For this reason, many exporters in Quebec have been partnering with Techlantic as we are located outside of Quebec and we can be easily used as an intermediate purchaser of the vehicle prior to exporting the car to China or other final destination.

To claim your rebate, you must complete a specific form available on the revenuquebec.ca website referred to as “VD-60.R-V”.   It is critical that the application be completed and submitted with all of the supporting documentation within 1 year of the original transaction or QST payment.  If this is not done, the QST will unfortunately be lost forever and your transaction could very well now be unprofitable.

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