Techlantic can accept payment in different currencies:  Canadian dollars, U.S. dollars, Euros, Mex. Pesos, and Chinese Yuan or RMB.

Techlantic can hedge any currency risk when you order a vehicle, if you would prefer paying in another currency.

As currency fluctuations have become more extreme over the past years it becomes much more critical to ensure you are mitigating unnecessary risk.

The Euro is the most common currency that Techlantic hedges for clients. Techlantic offers extremely competitive exchange rates based on the live market. By locking in the Euro exchange rate, your profits will be locked in as well.
A sales price can be agreed to in Euros regardless of the vehicles source currency and at time of delivery, the agreed Euro sales price will be accepted.

The weak Mexican pesos makes supply of vehicles from Mexico very attractive. Techlantic usually offers vehicles from Mexico in U.S. dollars. Of course payment in Mexican pesos, Canadian dollars, or Renminbi (CNH) are also acceptable.

Techlantic can lock in the exchange rate at any time after you purchase the vehicle.

The Chinese Yuan (RMB) is the fastest growing currency for payment transactions. Techlantic has a RMB account and can accept payments in RMB.

The exchange rate between the Yuan or RMB and Canadian or U.S. Dollars is based on the current market rate at the time of receipt of payment. However, Techlantic can also guarantee and hedge the exchange rate for no additional cost at the time you order the vehicle.

Techlantic’s philosophy is and always has been to make things convenient and simple for foreign buyers to do business with us.

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