Vehicle trade between various countries is creating opportunities for dealers and distributors to diversify from their local area to the global economy.

The customers of today’s technologically advanced world are very educated. They may want a vehicle for which the demand exceeds the local supply, or which the manufacturer may not sell at all. As such, there are dealers in countries around the world who are buying vehicles from various international dealers such as you.

Today’s dealers and distributors are finding two niche markets in international trade: First, they are selling their vehicles into markets where their product is in high demand. Second, they are able to sell distressed and overstocked inventory in large single transactions to mitigate further risk.

International vehicle sales have been in existence for decades. Thanks to today’s growing global networks you have a safe and secure way to maximize your company’s overall sales volume.  Techlantic has assisted countless international dealers and distributors in expanding their markets by joining the global network of international automotive trade.

With a well established network, Techlantic continues to offer extensive market knowledge and distribution paths to all of its members to collectively continue to grow and expand the parallel automotive trade market.

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