By: Eric Van Essen On: July 27, 2017 In: China, Export Tips, Letter of Credit Comments: 0

It is very inspiring to see countries such as the UK taking bold steps to eliminate gas and diesel vehicles.   I would have liked to see them aim for a date earlier than 2040 but I do appreciate the amount of infrastructure change that is required to make the change.

The article seems to focus on the nitrogen oxide levels and based on the data, it seems like a logical step would be to ban diesel consumption much earlier since it accounts for 85% of nitrogen oxide emissions but only 50% of new vehicle registrations.  Based on the data they sourced from SMMT, it does seem like diesel’s market share is declining.  This is no surprise with the recent emission scandals but is indeed a good step forwards to meet their goals.  A lot can happen in 23 years so I’m sure they will be able to achieve this.

As exporters of vehicles to Europe we hope that this will lead to higher demand for North American technology.  There are so many interesting market shifts happening at this time.  Between emission regulations, electric vehicle drive trains and most importantly self-driving cars, the automotive trading market will be an interesting place for a number of years to come.

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