Our network of global suppliers and dealers allows us to source highly desirable vehicles.  Techlantic has sourced vehicles in many countries and continues to be a market leader in the industry. With current exchange rates, it is favourable to focus on vehicle export from Canada, however, Techlantic has also been active exporting cars from Mexico to Europe and Asia.  Sourcing flexibility has enabled Techlantic to provide our clients with a wide variety of vehicles, and specifications, and options, making us a trusted partner for vehicle sourcing.

There are many reasons Techlantic continues to be the preferred source for foreign vehicles for our global clientele.  Below are some of the top reasons we encourage you to contact us and inquire about your wholesale vehicle import or financing needs.

Pre-payment not required

You only pay once your vehicle has been shipped.  This makes your transaction virtually risk free as it comes with our guarantee.

No foreign taxes paid

We handle all of the taxes for vehicles paid in Canada, USA and Mexico and ensure that your vehicles are shipped tax free.

Most trusted partner in the market

As the Techlantic team has been working in the vehicle export business since 1983, there is a long standing reputation and trust that will not be broken.

Best available prices

Techlantic is always striving to be a price leader by identifying and sourcing large supply where possible.  Techlantic has extensive buying power which allows us to purchase wholesale vehicles at the best possible market rates.

Transparency of information

Techlantic shares all relevant information with you as soon as it is received.  Customized dashboards can be set up upon request for you to have direct access to our office database to see the live status of your vehicles.

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